War memorials: Ylvingen Fortress

During the Second World War, the island was used by the German Armed Forces as an emplacement and had prisoners of war from Russia, Serbia, and Poland doing forced labour.

The remains of bunkers and gun emplacements can be seen by walking to Tyskerhaugen, a short distance from the main road. To get the most out of your trip in the dark tunnels, it is wise to bring a torch. Ylvingen fortress has nine cannonades, and the remains of trenches, communications tunnels, a sick bay and accommodations can still be seen.

The island is connected to the mainland town of Brønnøysund and to the main island of Vega by express boat and car ferry.

In front of a bunker

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I bunkers

Photos: Marian
Lie Johansen

Rester av kanonstilling
From the fortress   Remains:
gun emplacement
 Gamle murer  Foran skytegrav Utsikt fra skytegrav
Remains: house walls Remains of bunker View: the
Vega mountains
 Fra kaia  Husruiner Nedslitt melkerampe
Fishing boats War memorials: walls Reminiscent of a
bygone era
: milk ramp

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