Sundsvoll - Vegdalen (a bay), 4 points

Information board and the island Søla Picnic area Sundsvoll Information boards
The island Søla Picnic area Sundsvoll Information boards

1st starting point: the gravel pit at Sundsvoll.

With the sea and the island Søla on one side and the mighty Gullsvåg mountain on the other you walk in a fantastic landscape. Most of the time you walk on flat ground, at the end there will be some "mountain climbing". A nice experience, even for children.

Vegdalen is a green gem with a few holiday houses and a beach. The box for registration in the lottery is located under the table, on the other side of the river, at the picnic area.

Estimated time: approx. two hours (round trip). Difficulty level: medium.

OverlookingVegdalen Plaque wit a legend Overlooking the picnic area
Overlooking Vegdalen Plaque with a legend Overlooking picnic area

From Vegdalen you can continue the marked trail along the coast to Eidem.
Estimated time: approx. three hours from Vegdalen. Difficulty level: challenging.

From Vegdalen you can also choose to follow the trail to Vegdalskaret and Moen
(opposite direction from what is described).

- Sundsvoll-Eidem (the whole trail from Sundsvold to Eidem, map , info and elevation profile).

Signposts to Eidem Signposts Vegdalskaret
Signposts to Eidem
and Sundsvoll
Signpost Vegdalskaret

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