Vefsn-Anna Stua (a cave), Eidem

"From Eidem you can follow a marked footpath up to Vefsn-Anna’s cave. There is a very special story attached to this cave, or overhang. One summer, many years ago, a young girl is said to have sought shelter here. The story relates that she had run away from home and rowed from Vefsn to Vega. The cave on Eidemslia became her hiding place, and she survived on wild berries and milk. The people at Eidem realized she was there because the cows never had any milk in them when they returned to the farm". (Inga E. Næss / Rita Johansen: The Vega Archipelago, a World Heritage site. A cultural history and travel guide, p. 170).

Vefsn Anna cave

The path to the cave begins just after the car park at Levika (at the end of kv 18). Turn right into the woods. This is a walk through a "fairy tale forest", with old, crooked trees with long “beards”, large mossy boulders, bubbling underground streams and absorbing vegetation. Listen to the birds’ song and let your imagination run wild! An exciting trip for children (and childish adults with a camera around their necks).

See map. Vefsn-Anna cave is hiking trail no 18 (pdf).

- Maps Helgeland: Vefsn-Anna stua.

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