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Vega tourist information The host at work Brochures and books

Tel.: (+47) 75 03 53 88, mob: 479 07 132.

Mountain hiking on Vega - private website with lots of photos from the island. Text in English.

You will find useful information about the region of Helgeland and Vega on the web site, in the Norwegian, English, and German languages.

The Vega Archipelago (pdf) was inscribed on the UNESCO List of World Natural and Cultural Heritage in 2004 as the first Norwegian cultural landscape area. The UNESCO World Heritage List comprises areas or objects that have an irreplaceable cultural or natural value in a global context. Read about it here.

You will also find some useful information on this site:
Consuelo Griggio: Anthropology and the Vega Archipelago travel experience.

Getting to Vega: See Public Transport in the menu.

Maps: can be bought in the shops, at the Tourist Office and at the reception desk in the Town Hall.

Cycle hire: Call the Tourist Office.

Boat hire: Call the Tourist Office.

Buses: See Public Transport in the menu.

Car hire/cars-breakdown: Vega Mekaniske, Gladstad.
Tel: 975 74 100 / 75 03 50 42.

Petrol: "Coop Marked", Gladstad.

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