The Historical trail in Middagskarheia, 3 points

Information board about the historical trail

Starting point
: At the information board in Åkvika. Degree of difficulty: easy. 

When the first humans settled in the area, they could choose between three steep islands - Søla, the Vega mountains and Kjulsfjellet. A bare, blue-gray landscape that had not yet regained color from the oppressing hold of the Ice Age. The sea level was approx. 75 m higher than today, and the more than 6000 islands which today protects the beaches were seabeds. There was open water in every direction. 

The water around Vega was one of the best hunting fields for the stone age people. Several settlements are found. The oldest of this area dates back to approx. 7 600 years BC when the ocean was approx. 60 m higher than today, and the landscape was quite different. We have created a historical trail that passes some of the settlements. Information boards gives you an impression of how humans organized themselves in this landscape through more than 4000 years are put up. 

This trail on Middagskarheia (map) will give you an understanding of life in Vega during the Stone Age. The trail is a bit rough - you need waterproof footwear to have a comfortable walk. We have mounted the information boards on low pedestals so that they don't disturb nature too much. This is what you will see: 

1. The starting point in Åkvika
2. Hammaren, approx. 5500 years old site with house ruins.
3. The natural harbour at the top of Middagsskaret.
4. The hunting and fishing station Middagskarheia 1, 9600 years old.
5. Middagskarheia 2, approx. 8,500 years old hunting and fishing station.
6. A plundered burial site from the Iron Age.
7. Åkvikskaret 1, approx. 5500 years old site with house ruins.

The box for registration in the lottery is located in a heap of stones at Middagsskaret.

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