Sea fishing

Hire a boat and be guaranteed a catch! Your hosts will give you information where to go.
See Sea fishing.

If you do not like boats and deep waters, just rent a rod, and find a good spot on shore. Grimsøysundet (by the Grimsøy bridge) and the Purka offer ideal conditions for fishing with rod and line from land. At the best spots in Northern Norway it is not uncommon to get a catch on every third or fourth throw. However, chances are bigger to get the really big ones out at deep-sea.

Rowing boats

Vega Opplevelsesferie offers deep-sea fishing tours with guide / driver. The tour ends with the fish gutted and cooked for a delicious dinner on board.

Cod, mackerel and coalfish are the most common kinds, but if you are lucky, the more exotic wolffish and halibut will find your bait.

Rules and regulations

Fishing in the sea is free of charge. However, no more than 15 kilos of fish filets or fish products can be exported from Norway per person. There are regulations in minimum sizes for some species.

Fishing and safety at sea in Norway:

- video: Fishing and safety at sea
- EN: Information for tourists about fishing and safety at sea (pdf)
- DE: Gästeinformation - Angelsport und Sicherheit auf dem Wasser (pdf)

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