Sculptures and landmarks / art attractions

lesmerpil.gif Scattered around the island you can find some man-maid sculptures and landmarks
made by nature itself. Here is an overview with photos (text in Norwegian) of the sculptures.

- Rørøy: "Auskaret" ("The Bailer") by Tore Skjevling (See map)

- Grimsøysundet: "En ny samtale" ("A New Conversation") by Kain Tapper. (See map)

- Grimsøysundet: "Virvel" ("Whirlpool") by John Audun Hauge. (See map)

- Gladstad, outside the community hall: "Tulipan" ("Tulip") by Edgar Ballo. (See map)

- Gladstad, outside the community hall: a bust of Håkon O. Wika (a local historian and one of Vegas most prominent politicians) by Nils Aas. (See map)

- Åkvika: the open air sculpture "Tidslinje" ("Timeline") by Oddvar I.n. Daren. (See map)

- Kjul: the old monument "Spåa" ("Baking Peg", a standing stone from the Iron Age). (See map)

lesmerpil.gif Art and photo exibitions:

- Vega Havhotell, Viksås: a permanent exhibition by the painter Vidar Mørk. (See map)

- The eider duck (museum, Nes) (See map) and Skogsholmen Guest house, Skogsholmen
(See map): exhibitions of photographs  from the Vega Archipelago taken by Helge A. Wold


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