Where to eat

Sparstuå, Gladstad. Entrance: Spar Vega
Tel. 75 03 52 66

Menu of the day and ala carte. Soft ice, coffee, cakes.
Opening hours:

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Coop Marked, Gladstad.
Tlf. 75 03 50 01.

Opening hours:
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Fresh produce and warm food, suitable for lunch and dinner. Freshly fried cod tongues, selected salads and self produced "Vegagomme" are examples of what we can offer.

Vega Havhotell, Viksås

Tel.: (+47) 75 03 64 00

Vega Havhotell

Lunch / dinner: book a table

Vegabue Havkafé, Nes.
Tel.: 75 03 54 46

Nes kafé on facebook

Vegabua Havkafe
Café on board ”BF Torgtind” (the ferry)
(from Igerøy to Horn)
Tel. 900 94 808

Dinner is served from 12.00.
Cafe on the ferry boat
Sandmo gårdsbakeri, Kjul.

Bakery and café.
Café open during summer. Tuesday to Sunday
2.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.
Tel. 990 39 388.
Sandmo bakery and cafe
Sandmo gård on facebook.


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