Playschool / day care

Playschool/day-care for pre-school children:
The municipality owns and runs one full-time playschool.  In general, the playschool/day-care provides care for children from ages 0 to 5.

Tel.: 960 19 427.
Vega playschool - see location.

Playschool, entrance


2 days per week/month: 932 NOK
3 days per week/month: 1398 NOK
4 days per week/month: 1864 NOK
5 days per week/month: 2330 NOK

You also pay a price for food:

2 days per week/month: 112 kr
3 days per week/month: 168 kr
4 days per week/month: 224 kr
5 days per week/month: 280 kr

There is a 50 % price reduction for the second child enrolled in a day care programme.

How and when to apply

The deadline for applying for a place in day care is 1st April for starting in August and 1st October for starting in January.

You can also apply throughout the year in case of vacancies.

For more information, please contact the Vega municipality information center, tel. +47 75 03 58 00. Application form (pdf, only in Norwegian).

Admission criteria/special needs

Children with special needs have priority regarding the selection process for placement in the day care center.

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