The Parish of Vega

The parish church is located in Gladstad, the center of the municipality.
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Vega parish church

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Vicar: Caroline Hauglid-Formo. E-mail:
Church worker: Steinar Hauan
Organist: Mona Berit Karlstrøm:
Administrative office:

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The present building which dates from 1864, is made from wood and painted white. The first attempt to build a new church failed when a storm in 1859 destroyed the construction works and scattered it into pieces. Joined effort from the locals resulted in the church we know today. It was consecrated by the Bishop 14th July 1864.

A glimse inside

The altar piece
The altar piece was given to the church in 1885. It portrays the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and is painted by Even Uhlving, a local painter born on the island of Ylvingen. The old altar piece was taken care of, restored and appears today on the wall to the right of the aisle.

The organ
The church organ from 1961 was recently replaced by a good electronic instrument built in England.

Les mer The chapel on YlvingenThe Chapel on Ylvingen:

In addition to the church on the main island the parish of Vega have a chapel on the island of Ylvingen. After a long struggle and great donations the inhabitants got their own churchyard in 1954 and the wooden chapel was consecrated by the bishop in 1967.

Photos: Svein Erik Aarsund:
Inside the chapel, The altar, Baptismal font, The pulpit

Cross and Bible
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