Local museums

 Public museums:

Eider duck museum

Ærfuglmuseet (The E-house), Nes. (See map)

Tel. 900 97 539
E-mail: kari.waerum@helgelandmuseum.no

Open during summer.

The "E-house" is a museum and documentation centre for eider ducks, situated in an old wharfside building in the fishery harbour at Nes. At the museum you can learn about the tradition of keeping eider ducks as domestic animals on the Vega Islands.

Shop: The building also includes a hundred year old general store where you can buy souveniers in the form of local crafts and literature.

“Udi øyan” – “On the islands”: Take a look at "Udi øyan” - an exhibition of photographs from Lånan and other islands in the Vega archipelago, documenting island life  in the 1970 - and 1980's. The photos were taken by Helge A. Wold.

Private museums:

The Old Local General Store at Vegstein (See map). Open during summer.

Museum Vegstein

Vegstein has a long tradition as a centre for shipping and local boat traffic. A private museum run by Vega Kystlag (Coastal Society). Open only in summer. The museum is housed in an old general store building. Maritime exhibitions. Coffee and waffles fore sale. Guest marina. Contact: 481 56 801.

Vega Kystgård, Store Emårsøy (coastal farm). (See map)

Vega Kystgård (coastal farm)

Here you can enjoy a historical journey - from cotter to modern agriculture. Turid Næss and Gisle Ebbesen have restored the old house on Store Emårsøy, a former smallholding. Here you get an idea of how fish farmers lived from the 1800s until present time. Read more on verdensarvvega.no.

Vega Tourist Office in cooperation with the landowners arrange boat tours to Emårsøy during the summer months.

Contact the owners: tel. 905 43 036 / 906 02 723
E-mail: turid@vegakystgard.no / gisle@vegakystgard.no

Risbakken agricultural museum "Gammelstuå", (See map).

A privately owned museum in the oldest house on Vega. Antiques and tools.
Contact: Anne Marthe, 995 05 065 or Sigfrid, 414 41 568.

Open during summer.

A place to return to.
Anne Marthe, Nils Richard, Oddvar, Sigfrid.

The Little Museum, (See map. )

A private museum run by Inger Møller.
Exhibitions of old objects, in an old store.
Contact: tel.: 75 03 54 16 / 915 88 785

Open during summer.

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