Marked hiking trails on Vega

Here is a list of hiking trails and destinations on Vega.

In Norway everyone has the unrestricted right of free access in the countryside - including the national parks. You may go anywhere in open country (“unfenced land”) on foot or on skis and picnic wherever you want. Open country is land that is not cultivated. In Norway, the term covers most shores, bogs, forests and mountains.  Read more about the right of free access on

Vega has 16 destinations around the island (map) where you can register and collect points (in a lottery). In addition there is a marked hiking trail to Vefsn-Anna cave at Eidem (18) and Vikatind (mountain top, marked from Floaksla, trail no. 2). Starting point for most trails are the red-trimmed signposts marked "Turløype" along the roadside and / or informationboards with text and photos.

Red signpost       Information board       Green signposts

Red signpost                          Information board                         Green signpost

Information of some of the trails (map, distance, difficulty level and elevation profile) can be downloaded at Quick search / check Hiking / Free text search: Vega. Choose one of the destinations (ex. Igerøy brygge), click Hiking, click on the route name. These routes are tracked by GPS and mobile GPS systems (on which the routes are already saved) can be rented directly from your host.

At the destinations you'll find a built-in box with a red screw cap (except from trails no. 17 and 18). Inside is a pencil box with a book and a pen. For each walk you complete, put down your name, the date and your age in the book.

When you get home you can enter the destinations, dates and points on a separate registration paper. The paper can be printed out here (pdf), (text in Norwegian) or you can get it in the sports shop at Gladstad. If you want to participate in IL Vega's lottery you deliver the paper to Torleif Hansen in the sports shop before you leave the island.

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