Lånan – The Realm of the Eider Duck. The Exibition at Nes

At Nes, on the same premises as The World Heritage Exibition (see map), you can get a taste of the Outpost Lånan during the summer season. If you don't have the opportunity to visit Lånan by boat, the exibition will give you an idea of this part of the Vega Archipelago World Heritage area.

Every Saturday in July you can take part in the cleaning and plucking of eider down, when we open the doors to our Eider Club. We also show our film about Lånan and read to the children. A bird keeper is always present at the Eider Club.

Entry to Little Lånan and the Eider Club is free of charge, and does not require pre booking.

Little Lånan

"Little Lånan" contains an exibition and a shop. Contact: 452 72 654.

Little Lånan Wall sign Little Lånan Inside the exhibition

"The islands of Lånan are a world of their own, a chaos of holms and skerries and other islands moored in the sea just inside the reef. Lånan is as much above water as it is below. The wind rages, the sea rolls threateningly, but the reef to the west of the skerries reduces the force of the wildest of elements.

Lånan has the largest egg and down industry in the Vega islands. All landowners have been involved in this industry in addition to fishing and some farming. The islanders have taken care of the birds, made nests and looked after them during the breeding season. As a reward the birds have returned each spring and provided both eggs and down. An exciting and little known culture has developed around the work with the nests and down. It is a story which shows the islanders awareness that when you give something, you also receive."

The down village Lånan

About Lånan in the media:

- "Guardians of the birds" (pdf) - a visit to the world of the eider ducks (The Oak DK)

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