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Signpost Information board Overlooking Tømmeråsen
Signpost Information board Overlooking

Starting point: the agricultural road to Tømmeråsen, midway between Floa and Vika
(tractor road to the foot of the mountain).

The first part of the track from Tømmeråsen can be pretty watery, so waterproof footwear is recommended. From the top you have good views of Kjul and the Vega fjord towards Brønnøysund.  The box for registration in the lottery is located in the cairn.

Estimated time: approx. one and a half hour (round trip). Difficulty level: medium.

From Kjulsveten you can continue down to Hestvikskaret and Hestvika (described the opposite direction).

Top of the mountain Kjulsveten Overlooking Eidem Overlooking Kjul
Top of the mountain Overlooking Vika
and Eidem
Overlooking Kjul

- dintur.no: Kjulsveten. (Map, info and elevation profile all the way to Hestika)
- Maps Helgeland: Kjulsveten from Tømmeråsen.
- Maps Helgeland: Kjulsveten from Åkvika.

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