Holandsosen Nature Reserve

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Source: Inga E. Næss / Rita Johansen:The Vega archipelago, a world heritage site.
A cultural history and travel guide, p.72-74

Holandsosen Nature Reserve was protected in 2000. It is a varied wetland area between Holand and Viksås with a striking variety of different species. Following the marked trails through the region gives access to one of Vega’s most interesting regions of nature. The aim of the protection order is to preserve an important wetland region with its natural vegetation and animal life. It is especially important to nurture the area’s crucial importance for wetland birds through all seasons of the year.

Photo: Eli Hagen Johnsen

Shallow waters

The Nature Reserve includes marine shallows with small islands, islets and rocky islands, tidal regions with mud and ooze, static ponds and fresh water lakes in gently rounded heath terrain. The presence of chalk gives rich vegetation, and the lakes and ponds are generally surrounded by belts of lush vegetation. There are also regions with bogs and water meadows. There are also several meadows with eelgrass.

Varieties of bird life

The region hosts an unusually rich and varied bird life throughout the whole year. During the migrating seasons of spring and autumn, Holandsosen is the most important part of Vega’s wetlands system for ducks and wading birds, both those species that breed locally and guests who arrive from afar. The shallows and the tidal regions especially attract large flocks of wetland birds.

The breeding fauna is also rich and includes, as well as common birds like eider duck and goose, rarer migratory species like the curlew sandpiper, spotted redshank, the knot and the bar-tailed godwit.

In midwinter the whooper swan, the mallard, the red-breasted merganser and diving birds like the eider, the long-tailed duck and the black duck are found in the Holandsosen Nature reserve. There is a marked footpath through the reserve that begins at Viksås, next to the hotel. From Holand there is a side road marked with a red sign (Turløype) to the track”.

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