Holandsosen/Strauman, 2 points

Photo: Eli H. Johnsen

Wooden bridge Overlooking the island Dønna Overlooking Gullsvåg mountain
Wooden bridge Overlooking Dønna Overlooking
Gullsvåg mountain

Starting point:Holand: sign by the road at Bergåker.
Viksås: by the road down to Vega Havhotel.

The trail through Holandsosen nature reserve was marked in 2008.
Holandsosen is a diverse wetland area, tidal area with mud and clay, brackish water ponds, and small waterways. Small lakes and ponds surrounded by lush vegetation. Between the wetland areas are hilly terrain with heather and bog.

The box for registration in the lottery is located about half way, at Strauman.

Holandsosen nature reserve is within the Vega Archipelago World Heritage site. Be aware of the rules in nature reserves. Birds must not be disturbed and the vegetation is protected against destruction.

Estimated time: approx. 50 minutes one way. Difficulty level: easy

Boardwalk Rock patterns Overlooking the island Søla
Boardwalk Rock pattern Overlooking Søla

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