Guristraumen (a stream), 3 points

Information board Connection to Lammøy Remains of earlier settlements Lammøy
Information board Connection to 
Remains of earlier 
settlements Lammøy

Starting point: The car park at Husøya, Nes.

A walk on rock and grazing land for sheep. Consider grazing animals and close all gates. The trail is ideal for families with children, not too difficult, but an interesting walk along the waterline. You pass remains of earlier settlements at Lammøya. May be some wet areas after rainfall.

The box for registration in the lottery is located in a heap of stones. Here you also find a plaque with legends about the name of the stream: Guristraumen (the Guri Stream).

News, autumn 2014: Along the trail, you can now see geological and botanical information boards. Text in Norwegian, English and German:

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Information about
isostatic uplift
Rare red stone Holes in the rock

There are many legends about Guri and the Guri stream.
On the plaque you can read two of them:

Once a lapp woman was chased by people at Vega. To get away from her persuers she jumped into Guri stream and there she drowned in the fierce stream.

There is another story about a woman from Hongset or Svea. At that time the shop was at Nes and people used to row across the stream to get there. In the middle of the stream there are two large stones, where Guri's boat overturned and she drowned.

Estimated time: less than two hours. Difficulty level: easy. Total distance: 5.6 km round trip.

Current residents The goal is reached Guristraumen
Current residents The goal is reached Guristraumen

- Guristraumen. (Map, info and elevation profile).

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