Fresh water fishing

You can use different kinds of equipment, but rods with bait or flies are most common.

Licence for fishing in lakes and rivers in Vega can be bought at Sport & Fritidsstua (the local sports shop) v/Torleif Hansen (Gladstad), box 19, 8980 Vega, tel. (+47)75 03 60 60 / 918 05 436.

Lake Floa
Lake Floa

Free angling for children under the age of 16 in Lake Floa.
NB! Rørøy- and Færset waterways are protected from fishing.

Rules and regulations

Fishing requirements are easy - you just pay the set local fee. For more information about the fee for the place you want to fish, we recommend you contact the local tourist information or the local sports shop. Read more about sport fishing rules and regulations in Norway.

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