Boat trips in the Vega archipelago.

The Vega Archipelago is the largest archipelago in Norway, with its more than 6 500 islands, islets and skerries.

Many of these islands are not possible to visit due to their production of duck eider down. The islands with local production of eider down are all inaccessible during the eider duck nesting season from May to July. During this time period visitors need permission from the island property owners to go ashore.  However, in Summer, you can visit some of the most central islands in the Vega World Heritage area.

Vega Tourist Information office, in cooperation with local tourist companies, organize boat tours to some of these islands bringing you out into the World Heritage Archipelago. These trips are made with sturdy boats, each one registered to carry around 50 passengers. Local guides in each fishing village will share the history of the island.

The boat departs from Nes. Duration: approx. 4 – 4.5 hours.

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