Eidem - Ervika (a bay), 3 points

Juvika beach (photo:wikipedia) Sunny Ervika Picnic area Ervika
Juvika beach Ervika Picnic area

Starting point: the car park at Levika, at the end of the road along the Eidem beach.

On this walk you pass Juvika, the best sandy beach on the island. The trail is suitable for children and passes through forests, marshes and on rock before it heads down through lush forests to Ervika. At Ervika there is a picnic area. The box for registration in the lottery is under the table.

Estimated time: approx. one hour round trip. Difficulty level: easy. 

Overlooking Eidem On the road to Levika Path to Juvika
Overlooking Eidem On the "road" to Levika The path to Juvika

From Ervika you can continue the marked trail along the coast to Sundsvoll. Estimate approx. four hours on this tour. Total distance: 10,8 km. Degree of difficulty: moderate.

- dintur.no: Sundsvoll-Eidem (the whole trail from Eidem to Sundsvoll, map, info and elevation profile.)

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