Eidemsliene Nature Reserve - a unique region

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Source: Inga E. Næss / Rita Johansen:The Vega archipelago, a world heritage site.
A cultural history and travel guide, p.70-71

“On the south side of Vega, under the steep screes beneath the Trollvasstind and Vegtind mountains, is the Eidemsliene Nature Reserve. The reserve was protected in 2000 and covers 2 920 decares. The aim of the protection order is to preserve an area of unique fauna and flora that includes many plants that thrive in warm climates and other regionally rare varieties of plants and fauna.

Eidemsliene nature reserve

Temperate plant species

Just below and partly on the scree is a mixed forest with bay willow, hazel and elm. In the flatter region in the southwest is a section of what was originally coastal pine, which is rare in the rest of Vega. This is probably the most westerly temperate broadleaf and the most westerly pine forest in Nordland. In addition to the large number of temperate plants, the region is home to many coastal plants. Groundnut is one of several regionally rare plants found in the area. There are also plant species from no less than six phytogeographical groups (seven if we include shorelines plants). In the scree above Lauplia a rich mountain flora is found. A cave, the so-called Vefsn-Anna stua, is located there.

Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests

The dense, deciduous forests in Nordland include aspen and birch. The fine light conditions and rich soil encourage a rich and varied plant and animal life in the forest. Many quite rare species of plants and animals are dependent on the special ecological conditions to be found in the verdant, deciduous forests. These are areas of natural beauty that are important for research and in education”.

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