Boat tours. Experience the unique environment of the Vega Archipelago

The Vega Archipelago was inscribed on the UNESCO List of World Natural and Cultural Heritage in 2004 as the first Norwegian cultural landscape area. The UNESCO World Heritage List comprises areas or objects that have an irreplaceable cultural or natural value in a global context.

Vega is an island kingdom consisting of more than 6000 islands, holms and skerries. The islands bear testimony to a distinctive frugal way of life based on fishing and the harvesting of the down of eider ducks, in an inhospitable environment. The archipelago reflects the way fishermen/farmers have, over the past 1 500 years, maintained a sustainable living and celebrates the contribution of women to eiderdown harvesting. There are fishing villages, quays, warehouses, eider-houses (built for eider ducks to nest in), farming landscapes, lighthouses and beacons.


Many of these islands are not possible to visit due to their production of eider duck down. The islands with local production of eider down are all inaccessible during the eider duck nesting season from May to July. During this time period visitors need permission from the island property owners to go ashore. However, in summer, you can visit some of the most central islands in the Vega World Heritage area on an organized boat tour.

Vega Tourist Information in cooperation with local tourist companies, organize boat tours to Lånan and Emårsøy. These trips are made with sturdy boats, each one registered to carry around 50 passengers. You are accompanied by a local guide on board and ashore. Your local host will share the history of the island.

Vega coastal farm, houses on Emårsøy

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