Les mer pil Historical Trail

Les mer pil Sculptures and landmarks / art attractions

Les mer pil The Vega Archipelago World Heritage Exibition, Nes

Les mer pil Little Lånan, Nes

Les mer pil Vega parish church

Les mer pil The chapel on the island of Ylvingen

Les mer pil War memorials: Ylvingen Fortress

Les mer pil The Vefsn Anna Cave, Eidem

Les mer pil Skjærvær

Skjærvær (see map) is a deserted fishing- and eiderdown village north west of Vega. Money to preserve the old houses and buildings on the island has been granted by the Norwegian Government.

Les mer pil Bremstein

Another deserted fishing village is the island of Bremstein, (see map) west of the main island of Vega. The shut down fishing property and the sea houses can still be seen. A fantastic peer was built to make a good port for the fishermen. Restoration works have been going on for some years now to rescue the buildings and the environment of Bremstein.

Les mer pil Eidemsliene Nature Reserve – a unique region

Les mer pil Holandsosen Nature Reserve - varieties of bird life

Les mer pil Kjellerhaugvatnet Nature Reserve - a wealth of mountain vegetation

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