Boat tours:
Vega Tourist Information in cooperation with local tourist companies, organize
boat tours to the down village of Lånan and the old coastal farm of Emårsøy
in the Vega Archipelago.

Hire a boat with driver:
MS Kingen, Erling Overholdt, tel. 413 36 180
Vega Havsport, Jon Petter Pedersen, tel. 472 52 228
Vega Skyssbåter, Freddy Hansen, tel.: 958 42 508
Vega Cruise, Eivind Kibsgård, tel.: 481 35 335
Rib, Nord-Norsk Opplevelse, Brønnøysund, Bjørn Erik Jansen, tel.: 995 32 149

You can also contact Vega Tourist Information, 479 07 132.

Flowers, Nes

Vega is made for cycling with plenty of flat terrain and good roads. Experience Vega in “slow motion”. Great cultural landscapes and active agriculture can be seen. Bike rental at the Tourist Information.

Sea fishing:
Hire a boat and be guaranteed a catch! Grimsøysundet (by the Grimsøy bridge) and Purka offer ideal conditions for fishing with rod and line from land. Read more about sea fishing here.

Fresh water fishing:
Freshwater fishing requires a combination of local and national licences, depending on the species sought.

Free angling for children under the age of 16 in Lake Floa. NB! Rørøy- and Færset waterways are protected from fishing. Read more about sport fishing and regulations here.

Licence for hunting , grouse, roe deer, goose, duck and hare can be bought at the web site: (text in Norwegian). Read more about hunting.

Canoeing and kayaking:
For those who want to explore our archipelago padling, the possibilities and idyllic spots are numerous. Vega Opplevelsesferie has kayaks for rent. They also arrange introductory courses in kayaking.

Marked hiking trails around the island. (See left menu).

Swimming and recreation:
Many small bays around the island. The best beaches are in the south, at Eidem.

The snorkel trail at Eidem:
Swim, read and dive to find the answers under water

Snorkel trail

Birds and plants:
A rich flora including the unique Vega bedstraw (Vegamaure, Galium normanii), Norway's one and only but common in Iceland. Many different kinds of orchids can be found and quite unusual; mountain plants are also found in the lowland.

Many different kinds of birds can be found, specially in the protected areas.
Read more about plants and bird life.

Sports facilities:
Read about the sports facilities here.

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